Code of Conduct

I. Purpose

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to create a foundation upon which the community - online and IRL - can flourish. As a global project reimagining entertainment and media for the modern world, we can’t provide an exhaustive list of “do’s and don'ts,” but we can identify the behaviors that we value and that we know will positively contribute to the future of Mad Realities.

This document will serve as the baseline conduct covenant for all Mad Realities participants, events, and subsidiaries. We welcome conversation and input from our participants as we evolve.

II. Commitment

The Mad Realities universe is created, cast, and decided by you. We are committed to ensuring that leaning into the bit is a safe, fun, friendly and positive experience for all participants.

This means Mad Realities is dedicated to being fun for everyone - regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, neurodivergence, appearance, or any other factor that makes our community members unique.

III. Standards



IV. Events

As a community that encourages fun and unpredictable in person events, we must maintain a high standard of safety for our physical activations. All community values apply to any event produced or sponsored by Mad Realities.

While at Mad Realities events, attendees are subject to the rules of the venue and entry or denial of entry will be subject to the discretion of bartenders, bouncers, or security.

The following actions will result in immediate removal from events and a permanent ban from Mad Realities participation:

Ban from participation is effective immediately, regardless of NFT holding status.

V. Reporting an Issue

Community members wishing to report an issue can use this submission form. The form will be reviewed by our moderation team, who will quickly address the issue to the best of their abilities. The moderation team is obligated to respect the privacy and security of the reporter in any incident.

You will be contacted to review the action taken once a decision is reached.

VI. Moderation

Any conduct issues raised privately will be handled by the Mad Realities Moderation Board. This team is made up of an executive member of Mad Realities, one Rose Holder, and one participant in the current season (if in season). Rose Holders will be invited to reply for the Moderation Board and chosen at random.

Moderation Board decision making guidelines:

VII. Attribution

Our Code of Conduct documentation draws from: The Contributor Covenant, Friends with Benefits, Rave Ethics, and our amazing community.